Careers Month programme announced

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The programme has been announced for the University’s Careers Month, when Staff Career Consultants will provide dedicated careers support each week in June.

Career support is open to research staff on fixed-term contracts (research assistants and associates, post-docs, and research fellows) and academic teaching staff on fixed-term contracts (teaching assistants and teaching fellows). This does not include academic staff on open-ended lecturing contracts.

Careers Month was set up to complement IAD’s core careers programme, by providing dedicated career support on popular topics. It will include weekly briefing sessions, quick career queries and blog posts.

Find out more

For full details of the Careers Month programme, view the schedule at the link below:

Careers Month | The Institute for Academic Development



This activity has been developed by the IAD to improve the University’s research cultures as part of the University’s research cultures action plan: Research Cultures Action & Delivery Plan