New 360 Feedback tool for managers and leaders

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The University has launched a new 360-degree Feedback tool to provide participants with feedback from multiple sources on how they are seen to lead and manage others.

Through the 360 Feedback process, managers can rate themselves against a set of University-aligned leadership behaviours and gather feedback from their line manager, direct reports and colleagues. As part of the process, an external consultant will talk participants through their confidential 360 report and support them to create a bespoke development plan.

Heather MacBain, the University’s Head of Marketing, participated in the 360 Feedback pilot in the summer of 2023.

She said: “During my four years at the University I have experienced the Covid-19 pandemic, hybrid working, a maternity leave and a change of role. I felt that I had enough stability and was ready to look ahead to my personal development.

“The 360 Feedback review process was very simple. The biggest challenge was asking colleagues for their input! It’s always nerve wracking opening yourself up to feedback, but the value of what you get back in return makes it so worthwhile.

“I found the one-to-one sessions with the coach extremely rewarding. He challenged me in ways I hadn’t anticipated, pulling out themes that I didn’t pick up on. He also held me to task by creating a personal development plan which was a huge contribution to my annual review.

“There were some challenging comments in my 360 Feedback results, particularly around engagement and communication from my direct reports. While I knew workload was always an issue for me, the feedback from my 360 Feedback review gave me the professional evidence to justify a change in my role to improve workload and team support.

“I highly recommend the 360 Feedback review process to colleagues looking to take their leadership to the next level. Being aware of how you are perceived by your immediate colleagues is something that will not only improve your working practices but can also impact your personal life. A top tip would be to try and conduct your 360 Feedback review in time for your annual review. The insight gives you a great platform for your annual review conversations and planning your development for the year ahead. Two birds, one stone!”

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Drop-in sessions will be held on 15 February and 6 March. Places should be booked online.

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Book a Place on 360 Feedback Tool – Information Drop-in Session (6 March)