Staff required to take part in royalties data collection exercise

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University staff are now required to take part in an exercise which will provide a snapshot of how employees are copying or using published materials such as books or journals.

The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) is conducting a royalties data collection exercise at the University to help reward the creators of the published work we use.

From now until 8 March 2024, all staff should record which books, journals and magazine articles they photocopy or print. Providing this information helps the CLA pay royalties to authors, publishers and visual artists whose work is being copied and this may include staff at the University.

This data collection exercise applies to all University departments, both academic and non-academic, including the library and specialist areas such as research. Non-academic departments not involved in teaching or learning should also participate such as HR and Marketing in areas including administration or press monitoring.   

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How should it be recorded?

Staff can record what they are copying or scanning using a number of digital tools:   

  • Using a new CLA Copy button that has been embedded into the software of most University printers.
  • A quick and easy online reporting form that will capture essential information when the CLA Copy is not an option. This will be accessible via a QR code placed next to each printer which staff can scan.
  • A cloud-capturing facility will be available to accommodate larger resources such as printed course packs.      

The requirement on all staff relates only to photocopying, scanning or printing publications. It does not include any digital or electronic resources as these are reported separately. 

Find out more

More information about the CLA Collection of Royalties Data exercise is available on the IS webpages:   

CLA Collection of Royalties Data exercise   

You can also read more about the CLA’s data collection work on its website:   

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