Reminder to update personal details

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Staff are reminded to update their personal details including their equality, diversity and inclusion information in People and Money.

Please follow the ‘How to edit your personal details’ user guide, found under ‘Personal data maintenance’, for further information.

The University must hold up-to-date personal details for all colleagues. This information can be updated at any time but the start of the year is always a good time to review personal details such as address, emergency contact details, personal phone number and equality information.

Edit your personal details user guide

Equality, diversity and inclusion

The University has a long-standing commitment to ensuring that all staff are respected as individuals, and have access to the same opportunities.

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The University gathers a range of data and information to ensure it meets its legal and statutory reporting responsibilities, developing supportive policies and practices, and assessing its progress toward achieving its strategic ambitions in this area.

In the last year, there have been updates to the options for sexual orientation, religion or belief, ethnicity, and disability in People and Money to provide additional choices.

Equality information is held in two separate areas within the Personal Information area of People and Money – ‘Personal Details’ and ‘Additional Person Info’. Staff are encouraged to review both areas to ensure they are still up to date.

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To learn more about the work the University is doing to meet the requirements of the Equality Act and what it does with staff data please visit the data collection webpages.

Staff Equality Data Collection and Monitoring