New sustainability course launched

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The University’s Social Responsibility and Sustainability department has launched a new course for staff and students interested in learning about environmental issues.

The short online session explains what sustainability is and why it matters in today’s world, alongside actions participants can take to live, study and work more sustainably.

Dave Gorman, the University’s Director of Social Responsibility and Sustainability, said: “This course is designed to demystify the concept of sustainability for students/staff. It’s an opportunity to explore how sustainability is woven into the fabric of our University life and beyond. We aim to provide a clear, accessible starting point for students/staff, empowering them to make informed decisions and take meaningful action in their daily lives.”

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Course contents

In a short online session, staff and students can uncover the significance of sustainability and its impact on university life and the global community. Participants can learn the basics of sustainability and receive a toolkit for applying sustainable practices in daily life. The course also explains how universities are working to reduce their environmental impact.

Designed to be interactive and adaptable, the course allows staff and students to focus on their areas of interest and requires no prior knowledge.

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