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A number of resources are available to staff in all stages of research, including scaling up, managing research data and complying with funders’ requirements.

A recently launched interactive resource finder helps researchers identify the digital tools best suited for each project. Via simple questions, organised around the research lifecycle, the requirements of each project can be set, leading to a list of recommended resources for the consideration of the user.

Resource Finder | The University of Edinburgh 

To help with budgeting for IT equipment, data storage and other computing needs, the Digital Research Services team recommend using the Research Computing Funding Checklist which gives suggestions of IT-related items and costs to consider when planning new research and seeking funding.

Research Computing Funding Checklist | The University of Edinburgh  

Lunchtime seminars are available, which offer a high-level overview of what the University offers in terms of digital research support, tools and services. Presentations from the last seminar on research planning delivered by colleagues from the Edinburgh Research Office, Research Data Support, and Digital Skills are available via Media Hopper.

2023-24 Lunchtime Seminars | The University of Edinburgh  

Digital Research Media Hopper | The University of Edinburgh 

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College-specific Research Facilitators can help the University community navigate the complex digital research landscape. One-to-one consultations can be scheduled via online meetings booked via the Digital Research Services’ contact page.

Who Can I Contact? | The University of Edinburgh  

Digital Research Services | The University of Edinburgh  

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