Help shape the programme for Edinburgh Medical School’s 300th anniversary

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University staff with a passion for equity in health are encouraged to help shape and deliver a programme to mark Edinburgh Medical School’s 300th anniversary in 2026.

This anniversary presents an incredible opportunity to acknowledge and understand the Edinburgh Medical School’s past, to mark learnings and achievements, and to develop an ambitious plan for the next 300 years.

Drawing on its historical and current work, the Edinburgh Medical School’s vision is to connect disciplines, sectors, people, education, research and technology to reduce inequities in healthcare and to improve health and wellbeing.

This year marks the launch of the Edinburgh Medical School 300 anniversary programme with the following broad aims:

  • Celebration – working across the University and beyond, with existing and new partners; developing a programme that critically reflects on and engages with the past and current work of medicine at Edinburgh, and envisions a future underpinned by values of equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Edinburgh Medical School: the next 300 years – an opportunity to evolve the vision and shape the identity of the next 300 years of the Edinburgh Medical School.
  • Fundraising – help shape and lead an ambitious, ethical programme of philanthropic engagement, which secures and supports the Medical School’s position as a global institution that promotes equity through all its activities.

The Edinburgh Medical School is looking for individuals with a passion for equity in health from across the University – both academic and professional services – who are committed to working collaboratively and to co-leadership.

The team will work with internal stakeholders across all areas of the College, University and its subsidiaries, and with external partners (NHS, City Council, research funders, third sector and industry) to contribute in different ways to developing and delivering the priorities above. Planning for the project has already started, with plans for the co-leads to take up their roles in March and the working group members soon after. The team will receive support, including from programme lead Julie Contreras.

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Given the scale and ambition of the programme, the Edinburgh Medical School is looking for a breadth of people and time commitments as follows:

  • Leadership and working group members: 0.5 to two days a week FTE until 2026
  • Task and finish group members: 0.5 to two days a week over 6-12 months
  • Consultation input: Ad hoc

Staff who want to take part are encouraged to get in touch with Julie Contreras at detailing how you would like to help shape the future of the Edinburgh Medical School and what skills, expertise and/or insights you would bring, as well as details of the time commitment you could offer.

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