Celebrating our colleagues

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Each month, Bulletin highlights and celebrates the achievements of our fellow staff members. Congratulations to all involved.

Since Bulletin was last published, congratulations include those to:

The DigiCAT (Digital Counterfactual Analysis Tool) project, led by Psychology lecturer Dr Aja Murray, has won the Wellcome Data Prize in Mental Health. The app analyses cause and effect in observational mental health data. This can accelerate progress in identifying potential intervention targets.

Professor Victor Elvira, a lecturer in Statistics and Data Science at the School of Mathematics, has received Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Impact Acceleration Account seed funding for his project ‘Data Driven Decision Making’ in collaboration with Police Scotland.

Dr Karlo Basta from the School of Social and Political Science has won a prestigious award from the Barcelona-based Institute for Self-Government Studies for his book The Symbolic State. It won the award for best book on the territorial organisation of power.