Celebrating our colleagues

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Each month, Bulletin highlights and celebrates the achievements of our fellow staff members. Congratulations to all involved.

Since Bulletin last published, congratulations include those to:

Claire Cruikshank, Head of Women’s Rugby at the University, has been awarded a Principal’s Medal for her impact on women’s rugby both at the University and on the international stage through her external coaching roles. In this year’s Six Nations competition, 12 of Claire’s current or former players were selected for the Scotland National Team (five current students and seven alumni). This was the highest number of current students playing international rugby, from any university programme, highlighting Claire’s coaching skills, player support, and overall development of players.

Sotiria Grek, a Professor of European and Global Education Governance at the School of Social and Political Science, has been awarded a European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant of two million Euros for a new project examining the relationship between art and policy. Titled ‘Art and Policy in the Global Contemporary: Examining the Role of the Arts in the Production of Public Policy’, the project will examine how art may produce policy knowledge and investigate how policy issues have altered the contemporary artistic canon and forms of engagement.

A project run by the Institute of Molecular Plant Sciences Outreach Team has won the the sparqs’ 2023 Student Engagement Awards in the category ‘A new initiative in partnership’ for its Sports Day. The event was funded by the Student Partnership Agreement and was led by PhD student Apple Chew.

From left: Eve Lewis (Director at sparqs), Apple Chew, and Professor Cathy Bovill