ChatGPT blog series explores how to use AI ethically

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The University has launched an eight-part blog series about how to use ChatGPT in Higher Education ethically and positively.

Stirring up the conversations and debates that AI technology brings into the world of university learning and teaching, the series on the Teaching Matters blog reflects on the complex challenges and possibilities generative AI brings to the process of learning and academic culture. 

The Moving Forward with Chat GPT series will cover the challenges AI presents, including:  

  • Rethinking our academic culture 
  • Grappling with the difference between AI and human intelligence 
  • Disrupting our teaching and assessment practices 
  • Honouring transparency and honesty 
  • Embedding ethics in and beyond the classroom 

Teaching Matters hopes the series will start an ongoing conversation about the future of our teaching and learning practices in the context of a rapidly changing AI landscape. It plans to launch a follow-up series as the technology evolves. 

ChatGPT 23 series on the Teaching Matters blog