Teviot Row House temporarily closed for building works

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The University Students’ Association is working to upgrade Teviot Row House so it’s welcoming, accessible and environmentally efficient.

Currently, none of the building is fully wheelchair accessible without assistance and the upgrade will see almost all areas becoming freely accessible, as well as making the space more environmentally sustainable for future generations of students.

The building closed on 25 September, and the work is due to commence in October and be completed in spring 2025.

The works will see the repurposing and modernisation of some of the areas of the building to create a new student community lounge, group workspaces, a wellbeing studio and a gallery, while the historic character of the exterior and interior of the building, including spaces such as the Library Bar, the Dining Room, the Debating Hall and Teviot Garden, will be retained.

Teviot Row House building works | The University of Edinburgh

There will be more than 300 open-plan study spaces over four floors of 40 George Square, which can be used on a drop-in basis. The ground floor and first floor are currently available to students and the third and fourth floors will open from 16 October.

Study Hub at 40 George Square | The University of Edinburgh