Photographing life on campus

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Edward Cawood, a Photography Intern in the Communications and Marketing department, spoke to Bulletin about his experience of photographing University events this summer.

From organising photoshoots in line with the ‘Extraordinary Edinburgh’ student recruitment campaign, to taking part in a large photoshoot for the Centre for Research Collections Annual Report, and photographing several student-led shows during this year’s Fringe, Edward Cawood has been involved in a range of events in his time as part of his Employ.ed internship this summer.

Employ.ed, which is run by the Careers Service, works with a range of University departments to provide on-campus internships for undergraduates in the second, third or penultimate year of their studies.

“It’s hard to pinpoint an absolute favourite part of my internship,” says Edward. “I’ve enjoyed it immensely! I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many friendly and enthusiastic members of staff from across the University, as well as having the pleasure to work with a range of skilled professional photographers.

“I really enjoyed working with the incredibly knowledgeable staff members from across the Heritage Collections, whose generosity allowed me to learn more about some of the beautiful objects held in the collections. Working with the Content Team has been wonderful – they are all so supportive and kind. I have felt welcome and appreciated by them all!”

Paul Dodds (2023), Employ.ed interns and current students running along Portobello Beach.
“My fellow interns had quite a lot of fun on our shoot at locations away from the city centre!”

“My rebellious (stereotypical art student) streak can make it challenging to follow rigid instructions, so being allowed to decide what I would like to see photographed, being given a level of creative freedom and being trusted to lead my own internship has been great.”

What has been the biggest challenge? Edward says: “Juggling multiple photoshoots whilst making sure everyone’s needs, preferences and expectations have been fulfilled has been challenging but fun. It really made me appreciate the amount of work that goes on ‘behind the scenes’ at such a huge institution.”


Laurence Winram, (2023). Staff members working across areas at the Centre for Research Collections (CRC) and Heritage Collections in the Main Library.
“I really like how all these members of staff at the Centre for Research Collections are smiling and looking into the camera. They are really lovely images, humanising the archives and celebrating some of the University’s amazing staff.”


Edward says in future jobs he will take on board what he has learned on the internship: “I’ve learnt that it’s okay to set boundaries and not spread myself too thin, something that will really contribute to the next year of my studies and future career. I definitely struggle with over-committing and being a hard-core people-pleaser – this internship has shown me that others don’t expect you, nor want you to bear everything all at once!”

Edward Cawood (2023), The Booth – performed by Edinburgh University Theatre Society at Bedlam Theatre.
“These photoshoots got me out of my comfort zone and pushed me to test my photographic skills in a completely different environment from ECA’s darkrooms and studios. Thank you to the societies who allowed me to practice during their performances!”


Edward has some useful advice for students: “Take your internship in your stride – don’t wait for others to tell you what to do. You’ll learn so much more and have a lot more fun if you step up and make your own decisions. Ask for support or questions if you feel you’re in a pickle – it’s not scary. Everyone wants to see you do your best!

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my internship, but especially the Content Team. I have appreciated everyone’s insight, tips, tricks and generosity!”

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