Updated mandatory data protection training

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The University has launched an updated mandatory data protection training course that all staff must have enrolled in by September 2023.


From the date of enrolment, you have 90 days to complete the training.

The new online course is accessed via People and Money. Please use the following link to enrol: Enrol in course

For governance and reporting reasons, all staff must complete the training on the new system even if they have recently undertaken it. Once completed, it won’t need to be repeated for two years.

Rena Gertz, the University’s Data Protection Officer explained: “The University of Edinburgh is committed to complying with data protection law and our Data Protection Policy mandates this training. This is to ensure we all stay up to date with how to keep everyone’s information safe, whether it belongs to our staff, students, or visitors, by preventing data protection breaches and handling requests for personal data correctly.”

To find out more, visit our data protection pages online.