Teaching Matters roundup

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The Teaching Matters team shares an insight into its explorations of the latest learning and teaching themes.

The latest Teaching Matters Newsletter showcases ‘Five facets of the Student Voice’ that explore the various ways in which the student voice is being recognised, heard, supported, and explored at the University.

This is complemented by a collegiate commentary on these five facets from Simon Varwell, Senior Development Consultant, Student Partnerships in Quality Scotland (sparqs).

The Mar-Apr Student Voice series in the Learning and Teaching Enhancement theme presented nine blog posts that highlighted how including students in the University’s decision-making process takes shape, through a wide array of tools available to the student body such as student surveys, the student panel, student representation, course feedback and programme review.

These tools, as reviewed in the newsletter, are constantly evolving and explored in collaboration with students. One of the ways to understand the student voice is by looking at it as a prism with multiple complementary facets:

  • Facet 1: horizontality
  • Facet 2: diversity
  • Facet 3: belonging
  • Facet 4: representation
  • Facet 5: processual.

This means keeping a constant, close, and in-tune listening to what students are saying, how they’re saying it, and responding with an open mind to these ongoing changes by continuing to innovate tools and ways of reflecting the student voice. It is a process that is in constant evolution and (re)invention.

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Photography: Janet Meyer, Pixabay, CC0