Information Services projects

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Information Services has a number of new and upcoming projects offering improvements for staff.


Edinburgh Research Explorer

Improvements to the Edinburgh Research Explorer (ERE) aim to create a more user-friendly, searchable directory, allowing postgraduate research students and staff to showcase their work and seek collaboration around the world.

A small working group is piloting wider access to ERE, allowing users to customise a personal profile and make it publicly available at:

Profiles will be able to contain links to published works, a biography and personal photo, employment history, a global map to visualise international connections, contact details and more. Profiles will be search engine optimised, and allow users to indicate their availability for collaboration.

The project will also draft processes on how to use ERE to enhance research activities, share and answer calls for collaboration, and search for funding opportunities. The increased features are intended to go live for the 2023/24 academic year.

Read about planned improvements to Edinburgh Research Explorer.


Committees Intranet solution

The Committees Intranet solution is a restricted document and content management SharePoint system introduced in 2016. This secure storage holds information and papers created by the University’s committees, and can be used to publish to the website.

In order to refresh and update the solution, the help of users from across the University is now required to feedback on your experiences and shape future requirements for a modern solution that will offer the most up-to-date components, stronger data security, and a better user experience.

Previous feedback has already requested improved guidance for users, for example on efficient web publishing and uploading. This will be developed alongside refined site administration for committee secretaries and access to papers for members.

The developments will create a more stable solution that is capable of handling software changes, in a more modern web environment.

To express your interest in sharing your feedback or participating in planned workshops, please contact project manager Colin O’Sullivan.


Microsoft updates

Finally, a number of Microsoft updates have recently rolled out, including the option to add pronouns to your profile, scheduling polls for Outlook, and enhancements to MS Teams. Read more about the latest updates online.


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