Teaching Matters – February roundup

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The Teaching Matters blog team shares an insight into its explorations of the latest learning and teaching themes.

In the 2022 Careers & Employability series at Teaching Matters, seven blog posts grapple with the University’s critical role in supporting students on their journey post-degree. They provide insights into employability that come together from several rich sources, ranging from student reflections to literature reviews to project assessments. They offer a glimpse of our Careers Services’ ambition to support post-University life, and the diverse efforts needed to secure meaningful professional futures for all our students. Evidence from satisfaction trends, graduate surveys, and daily interactions with anxious undergraduates has made one thing increasingly clear: the role of the University extends well beyond facilitating students in acquiring knowledge. This raises core questions for course and programme design:

  • What do we owe our students?
  • How do we prepare them – from early years to recent graduates, from first-generation learners to mature researchers – for the world outside the protective confines of the laboratory, library, or tutorial?
  • What skills and attributes do students need, particularly in a post-Covid, globalised, digitised world, to succeed?
  • How do we help students redefine what their success can look like?

In the latest newsletter, you will find five lessons learned from the different sources referred to in this series. These will be followed by the regular features: Collegiate Commentary, In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), and Coming Soon at Teaching Matters!

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