IS Applications Directorate update

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The Applications Directorate team sits within the Information Services Group (ISG) and delivers IT services to meet the needs of the University’s staff and students. They collaborate with colleagues to support the entire IT services lifecycle – identifying user problems and needs, making the business case to acquire new systems and then rolling out the delivery. Here they share a bit more about their latest projects.

Safe Links

Safe Links is part of Microsoft’s security feature that helps better protect users from malicious links. These may be sent in an email or Microsoft Teams message to any University accounts. Safe Links checks all URLs and attachments, to determine if they are malicious or safe before allowing the web page or file to load.

If Safe Links detects an anomaly after scanning the URL or attachment, the item will be marked as insecure and display a warning message to the user.  

If a suspicious email to your account encourages you to click a link or open an attachment, report it through the following process:

  • On the email itself, next to the ‘Forward’ button, you have the option to forward as an attachment click this and send to
  • You will receive an automated email back with guidance on what to do if you have clicked a link or opened an attachment from the suspicious email.

To find out more about information security at the University you can also visit the FAQ page.

If you are sure that a link you have been sent is safe but it has been blocked, please share this by contacting the IS Helpline. They will submit the link to Microsoft for analysis and request that it be unblocked. Contact the IS Helpline here.

Emails moved to Office 365

In a move to modernise and enhance the security of email services, all remaining externally hosted mail accounts were successfully migrated to University Microsoft Office 365 accounts.

In October 2022, more than 140 staff and student accounts affiliated with the Institute for Astronomy (IfA), which is a part of the School of Physics & Astronomy, were successfully migrated.

This newer system is more secure and uniformly used across the University, allowing full-service support to the user. IfA staff and students now hold only one mailbox removing the reliance on auto-forwarding messages, an outdated work-around and known risk to information security within organisations that was phased out by the University.

Extra support available for hiring managers

Assistance is available to hiring managers who need to navigate the new recruitment process.

The Business Admin Team are the first point of contact for all recruitment in the Information Services Group (ISG) and have created a new form to make it easier for hiring managers to request support.

The form can be found on the ISG SharePoint page; where People & Money System Recruiters will pick up the information, offer co-piloting support and proactively track the stages of your vacancy.

ISG Recruitment Service SharePoint Page

For hiring managers at the very first stages of recruitment and unsure of where to begin, a request can be made through UniDesk and a Business Support Administrator will respond to discuss requirements and advise on next steps.

Make a request through UniDesk.

For any questions regarding Recruitment Services, contact:

Liz Thomas, Business Administrator & Joint Head of ISG Business Administration (Acting)

Claire Maguire, Business Administrator & Joint Head of ISG Business Administration (Acting)