Unmasking Covid: What has Covid done to us?

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The Chaplaincy invite staff to their event exploring the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

What do we (want to) remember, what do we (want to) forget, what stories do we tell and what silences do we keep?

9:15 to 11am, Thursday 2 February 2023

Chaplaincy Centre auditorium

With novelist Sarah Moss, Lecturer in Education, Yujun Xu, and others

A rare and important opportunity to reflect communally and cross-culturally on the Covid-19 pandemic. The event will look for language, symbols and activities that help us process what has happened, recreate community, and come to understand ourselves and our world a little better.

Refreshments from 9am. Open to all University members and members of the public.

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Helping in the reflections are:

Sarah Moss, novelist, and an academic who teaches Creative Writing at University College Dublin. Sarah’s novel The Fell is set in lockdown, and you may also know her recent Radio 4 stories, Accidents and Emergencies, also chronologically falling within the pandemic years. You might like to see Sarah’s interview in The Guardian.

Yujun Xu, Lecturer at Peking University, formerly at University of Edinburgh, who works on intercultural compassion and education, including speaking recently in Norway on “what might go missing when education is digitalized”.

Archivists from the University’s Heritage Collections (Research and Curatorial), Co-Director of the Centre for Research Collections, University of Edinburgh Main Library, who has been curating items related to our Covid experience from the University community, in order to preserve our record of Covid. Find out more about the Heritage Collections.

Bo Van Broekhoven, 2nd year History Doctoral student, who has been reflecting on Unmasking The Covid Experience: Exploring Together What’s Happened to Us and Where to Go from Here.

This event is curated and hosted by the University Chaplaincy.