Development opportunities available

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The Talent and Development team in HR share development opportunities available from Human Resources for Semester 2.


Learn new skills or raise your awareness on different topics highlighted by the leadership and management community. All can be booked via the People and Money Learning App.

Effective conversations

Candid Conversations 

2 February 2023

This two-hour Zoom workshop is designed to enable leaders and managers to have effective candid conversations, facilitated by our external consultant Jane Kinghorn.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Understanding Race and Racism for Leaders and Managers 

2 March 2023 or 23 March 2023

This three-hour online Zoom workshop facilitated by AdvanceHE provides an opportunity to deepen awareness of the manifestation and impact of racial inequity and racism in higher education.

Leading and Managing Issues of Identity, Privilege and Intersectionality

22 February 2023 or 25 April 2023

This three-hour online Zoom workshop facilitated by AdvanceHE provides an opportunity to examine the complex interrelationships between aspects of identity, and to explore the impact of multiple disadvantage on staff and students who occupy more than one marginalised group.

RenewYou – personal development day for women  

7 March 2023

This in-person day for women is a highly acclaimed personal development course that can positively change your life. It’s been designed specifically for women by Jane C Woods, who has a lifetime of experience and qualifications in helping women be the absolute best version of themselves.


Developing a Culture of Positive Mental Health

1 February, 1 March or 30 March, 2023

This 90-minute session, facilitated by the Charlie Waller Foundation, aims to support you to create and develop firm foundations for good staff mental health within your team or department. The discussion will cover understanding what mental health is, psychological safety, knowing your boundaries and developing strategies for maintaining a health workplace.



Grow your network.

Leaders and Managers can join the Community Teams websites where more regular updates are posted. Visit the Community Teams Sites.

The Mentoring Connections programme is open to all staff and connections can be made through our online resource, Platform One. Find out more about Mentoring Connections.

New Staff Meet-Up Sessions for staff who have recently joined the University to meet different colleagues and exchange knowledge and skills. Find out more about the sessions.



One-to-one support to achieve a greater sense of clarity and direction both personally and professionally. Access to external accredited coaches through our partner, Know You More.


Leadership and Management Programmes

These programmes provide a framework to develop the skills, knowledge and self-awareness required to be a manager or leader within the University.

Leadership and Management Programmes



Additional resources available from Talent and Development.

Explore how to support your own development.

Planning for your role and career development.


More dates will be published if there is demand for more sessions. Find out more on the Talent and Development website.

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