Curriculum Transformation update – looking ahead to Senate discussions

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Curriculum Transformation will be on the agenda for Senate on 8 February 2023.

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Significant progress has been made with the development of the Curriculum Framework since the last Bulletin feature in October.  Discussions with Programme workstreams, Schools, committees and groups around the University have been used to develop further iterations of the Curriculum Design Principles and Programme Archetypes that make up the Framework. Proposals for four core undergraduate disciplinary archetypes (Single, Double, Combined and Single-Restricted Honours), Challenge Courses, Experiential Learning and Enrichment Elements will be presented to Senate, other Standing Committees of Senate, School, Deanery and College committees in early 2023.

Professor Iain Gordon (former member of the Curriculum Transformation Board and Head of the College of Science & Engineering) says: “I think that Curriculum Transformation can give us important new ways to learn together, building on what we do well and – a big plus – simplifying those things that should be simplified. In Science and Engineering we hope soon to create a challenge course, initially across the College, to understand properly the opportunities and challenges that arise in pedagogy, assessment, governance and organisation.”

Feedback from these discussions will be used to refine the Framework and the understanding of the investment and other enhancements needed to University systems, processes and regulations. The initial impact and readiness assessment will be shared with Senate in February where the Curriculum Transformation team will seek support for a proposal to move full implementation back by a year to September 2026 and introduce an element of phasing to the roll out of changes associated with Curriculum Transformation.

Further detail will be made available on the Curriculum Transformation Hub.

Photography: Paul Dodds