Extraordinary People – Dr Christine Tait-Burkard

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The University of Edinburgh is an extraordinary place, full of extraordinary people who make ideas work for a better world. 

Edinburgh Innovations helps researchers, students and industry drive innovation. They celebrate all the extraordinary people at this University for their excellence, ambition and their positive impact on our communities, societies and our world. Over the next year they will be spotlighting just some of the extraordinary people they’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working with.

Dr Tait-Burkard with a group of pigs.

This time they highlight Dr Christine Tait-Burkard who is a group leader at The Roslin Institute and an expert on coronaviruses and arteriviruses. Her research group is using genome editing to produce pigs resistant to the PRRS virus, the world’s most costly infectious disease affecting the species.

She is also part of an IMI Consortium aiming to develop and repurpose drugs against the SARS-CoV-2 infection, which causes COVID-19, and coronaviruses in general.

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