Course feedback toolkit

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The University launched a new approach to collecting course-level feedback from students in 2021/22. Schools and Deaneries now collect their own feedback, giving them greater autonomy around the methods and timing they use.

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The course feedback toolkit provides resources and information to help Schools and Deaneries run the feedback process in their area. Teaching staff are encouraged to use it as it allows for greater flexibility around method and timing.

Find out more about the course feedback toolkit.

The Student Voice Policy states that all courses should offer at least one opportunity for students to feed back each year.

Read the Student Voice Policy.

Students should be made aware of the information gathered, the conclusions drawn and, where relevant, the actions taken and why. Feedback may not automatically lead to change or action but should always result in a response and explanation.

If you have any questions around this toolkit, the new Student Voice Policy or the Student Voice activity, please email

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