Teaching matters – October roundup

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The Teaching Matters blog team shares an insight into its explorations of the latest learning and teaching themes.

The October 2022 Teaching Matters Newsletter: Five inquiries into assessment and feedback, showcases a recent Teaching Matters series, ‘Assessment and Feedback: Principles and Priorities’, which featured eight blog posts exploring the University’s new Assessment and Feedback Principles and Priorities.

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The series has been co-edited by Professor Tina Harrison and Professor Sabine Rolle, who co-led a Task Group of the Curriculum Transformation Programme to address a recent recommendation by our Enhancement-Led Institutional Review (ELIR) to: “make demonstrable progress, within the next academic year, in prioritising the development of a holistic and strategic approach to the design and management of assessment and feedback.”

As Tina notes in her introductory blog post, we must attempt to “move beyond assessment as something that is done to students to something that is done with them.”

Read Tina’s introductory post.

Following extensive research, benchmarking and consultation, the Task Group proposed a holistic and strategic approach to assessment and feedback comprising assessment and feedback principles that set out the baseline expectations, assessment and feedback priorities that give strategic direction for ongoing enhancement (and align with Curriculum Transformation), and support and guidance for both staff and students.

Recently approved by the Senate Education Committee, the Principles and Priorities provide a framework and reference point for reviewing and guiding assessment and feedback practice, and sit alongside the Taught Assessment Regulations.

To support this new approach, the Teaching Matters ‘Assessment and Feedback’ series highlights current experiments, debates and concerns within assessment and feedback from all angles of our academic community: course designers, lecturers, and students alike.

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In the newsletter, you will find five inquiries from this series, followed by regular features including a Collegiate Commentary (written by Donna Hurford, University of Southern Denmark, and Andrew Read, Educational Consultant). If you’d like to keep up with Teaching Matters, make sure to sign up to the Monthly Newsletter Mailing List.

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