Curriculum Transformation update

Reading time: 2 minutes

A lot has been happening with the Curriculum Transformation Programme over the last few months.

The draft Edinburgh Student Vision underwent a period of consultation between April and June 2022, which included an engaging panel discussion at the Learning & Teaching Conference in June (pictured). A final report on the Edinburgh Student Vision is being prepared and will be shared with staff and students on the Curriculum Transformation Hub in the coming weeks.

Another major focus for 2022 has been understanding and scoping the requirements for an institutional curriculum framework. Members of the Curriculum Design Principles and Architecture workstream are helping to develop and test scenarios for programme structures and design principles. Prototypes of these structures or archetypes (undergraduate and taught postgraduate) have been shared for discussion with Schools, Deaneries and Services, and with Heads of School, Directors of Teaching, the University Executive and the Curriculum Transformation Board. Their feedback is being used to support the development of second and third iterations of the archetypes for further discussion and testing in different subject areas before the end of the year.

More detailed information on the Programme generally, as well as the Edinburgh Student Vision and Curriculum Design Principles and Archetypes, is available on the Curriculum Transformation Hub. The team is keen to build awareness of, and involvement with, Curriculum Transformation during autumn 2022. Two scripted slide decks (extended and summary versions) have been produced for colleagues to introduce Curriculum Transformation in their Schools, Deaneries, Services or Committees and provide updates.

Access Curriculum Transformation and Look Ahead slide decks on the Curriculum Transformation Hub.