Teaching Matters – June roundup

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The Teaching Matters blog team shares an insight into its explorations of the latest learning and teaching themes.

In March and April 2022, Teaching Matters ran a series on Examples of positive practices in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI). Teaching Matters asked contributors to reflect on specific examples of positive practices in EDI at the University, for example, those practices noted in the recent School Annual Quality Reports. We also asked authors to engage critically with the notion of EDI, as we know that institutionalising such practices can sometimes lead to tick box exercises rather than genuinely reckoning with the challenges that such policies entail. Questions around equality, diversity and inclusion traverse all aspects of education at the University and help us improve how we conceive of learning spaces and inter-relational dynamics between staff and students. Continuing to define, shape, and extend notions of EDI serves as a useful tool to unearth invisible practices of domination and deconstruct the power relations. This is why such a theme warrants frequent exploration.


The June 22 Teaching Matters newsletter Five positive steps towards good practice in EDI summarises the series. In this newsletter, you’ll find our five positive steps towards good practice in EDI, followed by our regular features: Collegiate Commentary, In case you missed it (ICYMI), and Coming soon at Teaching Matters! If you’d like to keep up with Teaching Matters, sign up to our Monthly Newsletter Mailing List.


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