A new look for Blackboard Learn VLE

Reading time: 2 minutes
The first phase of the institutional Virtual Learning Environment upgrade will launch on Tuesday 28 June. Head of Educational Design and Engagement, Stuart Nicol, explains more.

What is Ultra Base Navigation?

Ultra Base Navigation (UBN) is a new and improved navigation experience within the Learn platform. It is the foundation of the larger upgrade to Learn Ultra, scheduled for summer 2023.

It is an interface upgrade to improve the overall look and feel of the platform, which will improve efficiency and accessibility. Gone are the cluttered information blocks and instead there is an ever-present ‘base layer’ upon which courses and tools overlay, making it easier to navigate around the platform.

What are the advantages of UBN?

The redesign has been done with mobile devices in mind. Whether you’re using your desktop, tablet or mobile, you will always find the layout automatically optimised.

The new approach to navigation opens courses and tools in layers, reducing the number of steps to move between tasks.

It also introduces new functionality and the ever-present set of tools contain some new features, which combine information from across a user’s courses into easy to find spaces, minimising the time spent navigating through individual courses.

Importantly, UBN is also more accessible and introduces features that support inclusivity in teaching and learning.

How can I prepare for the switch on of UBN?

The switch to UBN changes the look and feel of Learn; it does not require courses to be changed. UBN simply allows you to take advantage of the new features and more efficient navigation whilst we work towards the rollout of Learn Ultra next summer.

Learn will be unavailable on Tuesday 28 June 2022 between 9am and 5pm to allow us to complete the configuration needed.

A number of drop-in sessions have been arranged to provide an opportunity to see what the new face of Blackboard Learn looks like and to ask us questions. Sign-up through the following link: Learn Ultra Base Navigation Drop In Session.

A series of introductory videos demonstrating the key aspects of Learn Ultra Base Navigation (UBN) has been produced to support you as you navigate the upgraded features: view the videos