Sustainability Awards 2021/22

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The Sustainability Awards celebrate staff and students who actively contribute to the University becoming more socially responsible and sustainable.

A total of 39 individuals and teams received an award this year, and an additional 21 staff and student teams took part. Congratulations to all who were recognised.

Changemakers’ Awards

Sustainability Awards 2022 - Changemakers Awards "2022/22 Changemaker" rosette

28 Changemaker Awards have been awarded

The SRS Changemakers’ Award recognises current students and staff who have made a noticeable positive impact by:

  • undertaking an impactful socially responsible or sustainable project;
  • or by inspiring others to act in a more socially responsible or sustainable way.

SRS Changemakers’ Awards


Teaching and Student Support

Dr Glen Cousquer – Demonstrating exceptional leadership by engaging Easter Bush staff and students in a wide variety of sustainability projects that have improved campus biodiversity, increased student experience opportunities and benefitted the community’s mental health.

Joey Brooke – Demonstrating exceptional leadership by successfully influencing medical educators to teach sustainable healthcare in the curriculum.

Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) Store – Supporting ECA students and staff to access reusable, recyclable and sustainable materials to use in their projects, courses and workshops.

Enterprise and innovation

Anna Kovacs – Demonstrating exceptional leadership and entrepreneurship while a visiting scholar at the University:

  • Co-founding “Outfit of Tomorrow”, a browser extension that encourages people to make more ethical shopping choices
  • Inspiring the sustainable entrepreneurial community at the University

Robert (Bobby) Pembleton – Demonstrating exceptional leadership, creativity and impact by embedding sustainability and social impact into the University’s enterprise development services.

Dr Inge Panneels – Demonstrating exceptional leadership, creativity and impact by developing diverse partnerships and projects that inspired individuals in the creative industries to embrace sustainable innovation during COP26.

Student societies and projects

Food Security and Sustainability Society – Demonstrating exceptional leadership in promoting a planetary health diet via meal-plan challenges, community partnerships and seminars that reached a wide audience.

Alexiane Charron – Demonstrating exceptional leadership and impact as Sustainability Officer in the Edinburgh University Hillwalking Club.

Ocean Advocates committee members and office bearers within the Marine Conservation Society – Demonstrating leadership, creativity and inclusion by providing a wide range of activities that improved ocean health and increased audience awareness.

Odara Medagedara – Demonstrating leadership by providing students with the materials, knowledge and confidence to care for plants and grow their own food via the Concrete 2 Jungle project.

Elia Simonet – Demonstrating leadership by assisting start-ups to operate in a more socially responsible and sustainable way and inspire their customers to do the same.

Supply Chain Justice – Demonstrating leadership by educating students on human rights violations in global supply chains and supporting students to make more ethical consumption choices.

The University of Edinburgh on Ecosia group – Successfully influencing the University to make Ecosia the default search engine on all open access computers from September 2021.

Local impact

Estates Operations (Lyndsey Akkus, Tommy Angus, Steve Downes and colleagues, Landscaping Team) and ACE (Sandra Kinnear and team) – Delivering on Commitment eight of the University’s Community Plan to “actively look for ways in which we can place more of our resources (buildings, equipment, vehicles) at the service of local communities and groups, whilst still using them to deliver on their core purpose”.

Tanja Holc, Sean Brady and Gary Chen – Demonstrating exceptional commitment in making Edinburgh’s campuses a haven for hedgehogs.

Global impact

ChenChen Zha – Demonstrating leadership and peer influence by running a successful educational project focused on water purification in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Danielle Marlow – Demonstrating exceptional leadership as the Staff Pride Network’s Deputy Co-Chair

Zahra Massoud – Demonstrating exceptional leadership as the BAME Rep and Book Group Organiser for the Staff Pride Network

Rowan Rush-Morgan – Demonstrating exceptional leadership as the Research Officer for the Staff Pride Network

Cathy Naughton – Demonstrating exceptional leadership as the Bi+ Rep and Co-Comms and Media Officer for the Staff Pride Network

Rob Court – Demonstrating exceptional leadership as the Co-Comms and Media Officer for the Staff Pride Network

Sarah Barnard – Demonstrating exceptional leadership as the Social and Events Officer for the Staff Pride Network

Katie Nicoll Baines – Demonstrating exceptional leadership as the Co-Chair of the Staff Pride Network

David Creighton-Offord – Demonstrating exceptional leadership as the Co-Chair of Edinburgh’s Race Equality Network

Jonathan MacBride – Demonstrating exceptional leadership as the Co-Chair of the Staff Pride Network

Rashné Limki – Demonstrating exceptional leadership as the Co-Chair of Edinburgh’s Race Equality Network

Staff Awards

This is the last year of the Office Sustainability Awards. They have been replaced by a new Sustainability Framework.

Office Awards replaced by new Sustainability Framework


Office Awards 2022

Easter Bush Campus – Gold (by refreshing Silver)

Edinburgh Clinical Research Facility (WTCRF) – Working towards gold

Student Systems and Administration – Working towards silver

Office Awards, still accredited

Centre for Dementia Prevention – Gold (Project)

Centre for Open Learning – Gold (Project)

Centre for Regenerative Medicine – Gold (Project)

Institute for Academic Development – Gold (Project)

Printing Services – Gold (Project)

Scottish Student Sport – Gold (Project)

Edinburgh Global and Student Recruitment and Admissions – Gold (by refreshing Silver)

Sport & Exercise – Gold (by refreshing Silver)

Development and Alumni – Silver

Edinburgh Innovations – Silver

Estates Department, 9-13 Infirmary Street – Silver

Residence Life – Silver

Sports Union – Silver

Visitor Centre – Silver

Bioresearch and Veterinary Services – Bronze

School of Health in Social Science – Bronze

USG Business Unit – Bronze


Lab Awards

The Lab Awards are designed for lab-based staff. The Lab Award Toolkit can be applied at any scale, from a single lab up to an entire building or research centre. It is up to each team to decide how large of an area to enter in the Lab Awards, and teams can enter at Bronze, Silver or Gold level.

Lab Awards 


Lab Awards 2022 

Roslin Institute Laboratories – Working towards gold

Lab Awards, still accredited

SRUC Biomarkers Lab – Gold

The Horsfall Lab – Gold

Chemical Engineering Teaching Lab – Silver

QMRI Flow Cytometry – Silver

Regan and Wallace Group – Silver

JP Lab – Bronze

Bioresearch & Veterinary Services – Bronze

Hardwick and Welburn Labs – Bronze

SCRM Core Facility Labs – Bronze

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