Supporting mental health and wellbeing

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For Stress Awareness Month this April, HR are offering health and wellbeing support for leaders and managers.

The team is hoping to generate interest and support conversations to help leaders and managers increase their awareness and help to reduce stigma about mental health and wellbeing at work. Any interested leaders and managers can get involved in shaping this work.

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Colleagues are invited to undergo training to facilitate conversations on health and wellbeing as well as review the health and wellbeing support, providing input into how to make this more engaging: Health & Wellbeing Thematic Support

HR are also offering sessions in collaboration with Positive Group. Leaders and managers can attend the pilot sessions and shape the offer available to colleagues. The sessions cover a range of wellbeing topics including:

    • The Problem with Perfectionism
    • Focus and Energy in a New Working World
    • Unlocking Innovation and Creativity
    • A Resilient Mind: How to manage difficult emotions, reduce anxiety and deal with uncertainty as we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic

You can find out more about these sessions and book your place on the website: Mental Health and Wellbeing

To get involved in the other elements or find out more information, contact

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