Modern Apprentice Programme 2022

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Soon the Modern Apprentice programme will be reopening for applications.

As a huge institution the University is ideally placed to over a variety of roles across a range of different sectors. The Modern Apprentice scheme allows young people the opportunity to start their career with us, whatever their job aspirations.

The programme was launched in 2017 and more than 85 apprentices have taken part to date.

Benefits for all

Employing apprentices has a huge array of benefits for colleagues including developing new talent to meet skills gaps in your team, freeing up existing staff to take on more responsibility, gaining fresh insight and new skills and providing mentoring and development opportunities for staff.

As well as meeting your team’s needs, an apprentice will learn new skills on the job and receive a recognised qualification at the same time. This means your team will have a hugely positive impact on young people’s lives and careers as well as creating talent for the future.

A rewarding experience

Robin Morton, Science Communication Manager in the Centre for Regenerative Medicine, encourages all staff to consider hiring a Modern Apprentice (MA): “Having Jessie – our MA – on the team was fantastic. She integrated so well with the team, worked hard, developed skills, found her niche, brought shared learning from her college course and grew in confidence during her time with us.

“We benefitted from her creativity and drive to learn and develop her video production skills, which she then chose to pursue in further education. I would recommend the MA programme, it is rewarding and benefits the employer as well as the employee.”

To find out more about the Programme, including guidance about the recruitment process, training requirements and salary costs, please visit the Modern Apprentice web page.

If you are interested in hiring a Modern Apprentice, please complete the web form by Friday 6 May 2022.

Modern Apprentice Programme- Registration Form

For any other questions, please contact the Resourcing team at

Image: Paul Dodds