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New payroll and timesheet services are being launched in April 2022 and new finance services in August 2022.

These will be supported by the People and Money system and will give us workable  processes and technology for the decades to come.  The HR services  are already live and you can access them through the People and Money system in MyEd. Here Bulletin shares more details about the changes.

Visit the People and Money staff web pages 


When will People and Money reopen?

As you’ll know from previous communications, People and Money went offline to staff on 17 March while we prepare for the launch of our new payroll and timesheets services. It will reopen on 4 April with our new services in place.  


What if I have an HR question while the system is offline?

During the closure period, no staff member – including HR – will be able to access the People and Money system for any tasks or to view any information.   

This means there will be no access to service requests and the HR Helpline team won’t be able respond to any email queries while the system is offline.   

The one exception to this is the interim arrangements for contacting HR about immigration enquiries while the People and Money system is offline, which have been communicated to those who deal with this process.   

If you have an urgent case management or HR advice query during this time, please contact your local HR partnering team.  


What do these changes mean for me?

Where you find your payslip and what it looks like will change. If you need any payslips or P60s from the old Oracle payroll system, for example to apply for a mortgage, you’ll need to download them by the end of July 2022.  

All types of leave will be recorded directly in People and Money. Guaranteed hours, additional hours and overtime will also be processed in People and Money. There will also be an app allowing managers and administrators to update contracts directly in the system.  

We’ve created detailed guides to what’s changing and step-by-step demo videos.  

If you haven’t already, you’ll also hear more from your own college, school or department managers about local plans to introduce our new services and what that means for how you do your job.      

Read about the changes and view guides and demos.  


If my pay is different in April, is it down to our new services?

A number of important pay changes are occurring next month, besides our new payroll services going live, that will affect us all in some way.  

National Insurance increase: The UK Government is increasing National Insurance contributions by 1.25% from April. This means you’ll see a proportional rise in National Insurance deductions for the eligible part of your earnings, which is your earnings less any salary sacrifice such as pensions or childcare vouchers.   

The Finance Specialist Services SharePoint site has been updated with tools and information so you can see what impact this might have on your take-home pay.   

Please use these to help you understand whether any changes you see in your pay from April onwards are caused by the National Insurance uplift before you raise a query through the pay query phone line or email mentioned below.     

Find out more about the rise in National Insurance contributions 

Pension changes for USS members:If you’re a member of the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS), you should have received an email directly from USS about changes to the scheme taking effect from April. You can also see details on the USS website.  

Read statutory notice of changes to USS


Where do I turn if I have a question about my pay?

We want to offer the best possible support to any staff who need assistance around the launch of our new payroll services.   

You can check your payslip and information such as your bank account details in People and Money. And from 4 April to the end of June, any staff member with a query about their pay or about something that affects their pay can phone 0131 651 5151 or email    


Why are we doing this?

Our HR, finance and payroll processes and the systems that support them were introduced two decades ago. At that time, our University was less than a quarter of its current size and technology looked very different. This is no longer fit for our organisation today.  

People and Money has strengthened procedures built in, with the right controls and approvals in place.  This means we can make better decisions and stay in financial shape.   


What are you doing about issues from previous launches?

We know the launch of our new HR processes was challenging. We took action to address this, fixing problems with our annual leave and recruitment processes and creating new step-by-step guides. 

We don’t underestimate the impact of these challenges on people or the concern it generates about upcoming changes.  There’s more to do and we’re working with colleges and professional services to prioritise that.  

We have a dedicated staff web page which gives an overview of recent and ongoing improvements and changes.  

Visit People and Money updates page.


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