New payroll and timesheets services launch this April

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The University’s new payroll and timesheets services will launch in April.

In preparation, the People and Money system will be temporarily unavailable to staff from 5pm on 17 March until 4 April, when it will reopen with the new services in place.

College and professional services implementation groups are leading on detailed preparation for the system closure and the upcoming changes in your area.

You’ll hear from your college, school or department managers about any steps you need to take before the system goes offline. And please look out for local communications about plans to introduce our new services in your area and what that means for how you do your job.

April changes in a nutshell

Where you find your payslip and what it looks like will change. If you need payslips and P60s from the old payroll system, you’ll need to download them by summer 2022.

Nearer the time, we’ll publicise details of who to contact if you have any queries about your pay after our new services go live.

You’ll use People and Money to record annual leave. Your line manager or local administrator will record sickness absence and other leave types in the system on your behalf.

Timesheets for payment purposes, guaranteed hours, additional hours and overtime will be processed in the system.

We’re also introducing new apps allowing line managers and administrative staff to update contracts and salary costings in People and Money.

Our new finance services launch in August. We’ll share information on what’s changing and how to prepare in the months before they go live.

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