New career resources for researchers

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The Institute for Academic Development has created a series of new online resources for early career researchers.

Career Conversations

Career conversations is a series of recorded interviews with people who have transitioned from university research positions to alternative roles and sectors. Participants discuss their research background, their motivations for moving into a new sector, how they found out what CV, skills and experience were required, and how they then acquired the necessary skills and experience. Participants also provide reflections on what they would do differently now, and on what, in their experience, is required for career success.

Watch the Career conversations.


Micro workshops

The micro workshops are based on materials drawn from already successful live workshop sessions. There are four videos available:

  • Creating CVs for Careers Beyond Academia
  • Benchmarking
  • Capitalise on your Research Skills to find a Career Path
  • Career Values & Drivers


The micro workshops are short, open access and accessible to researchers at all times. They are available to researchers who cannot attend scheduled workshops or one-to-one career guidance sessions, but also act as a conduit to direct researchers towards more bespoke resources.

Access the micro workshops.


Career conversations with your principal investigator

A short, informative guide that suggests questions to consider when preparing for a career conversation with your principal investigator or supervisor.

View the guide.


Photography: Paul Dodds