Gold award for Hedgehog Friendly Campus

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The University has been awarded a gold accreditation as a Hedgehog Friendly Campus thanks to a group of dedicated volunteers.

The team is taking action for hedgehogs because they are now an International Union for Conservation of Nature Red Listed vulnerable species due to population declines in both urban and rural areas. Action for hedgehogs benefits other wildlife and is part of the species-level work for the University Biodiversity Plan.

The team working on a hedgehog survey.

Celebrating success

Staff and student volunteers have taken action to survey hedgehogs, improve green spaces and communicate issues to make the University’s campus a safe and welcoming place for these prickly creatures.

Volunteers have surveyed Pollock Halls, Easter Bush, the Centre for Regenerative Medicine at BioQuarter and Peffermill Playing Fields, finding hedgehog prints at each site.

Kings Buildings and Firbush were also surveyed, but no prints have been found yet.

The gold award builds on our year-on-year success in 2021 (silver) and 2020 (bronze).

Silver Award

Bronze Award

Hedgehog prints found.

Improving biodiversity

The Estates Landscape team have been instrumental in improving University CRM for hedgehogs by increasing wild corners, log piles and specific plants on campus sites, as well as undertaking training, setting out hedgehog homes and supporting hedgehog surveys.

Find out more about the award on the Social Responsibility and Sustainability website.