Changes to Sustainability Awards 2022

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The Office Sustainability Awards are being retired. In their place, a new, best-practice Sustainability Framework will be launched in Spring 2022 to help staff tackle the climate and nature crisis in their workplace.

The Sustainability Awards

For 10 years, the University’s Sustainability Awards have provided a way for staff and students to make the University’s operations more socially responsible and sustainable, such as by reducing energy use and plastic waste.

Previous Sustainability Awards recipients.

By 2019, the Awards had grown to include 45 Office Awards and Lab Awards teams, plus several other Awards categories for students and local community organisations.

In Spring 2022, the Office Awards will be retired. All other Award categories will remain unchanged.

New Sustainability Framework for Schools

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic – and an increasingly urgent need to deliver more ambitious action on the climate and nature crisis – the University is working to embed the voluntary Office Awards criteria into a new, more holistic Framework that encourages sustainability as best practice rather than an optional extra.

A new dedicated framework for academic Schools will launch in Spring 2022, with a version for Professional Services teams following later in the year.

You can find out more information on the changes on the Social Responsibility and Sustainability website.

Photography: Gareth Easton