Sport & Exercise activities

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The University’s Centre for Sport & Exercise has launched a programme of activities and events for the new academic year. These are open to both staff and students.
Outdoor bootcamps are available at Peffermill and Easter Bush.

Starting soon:

  • Capacitar Tai Chi workshop – this online five-week workshop introduces you to a variety of Capacitar body-mind-spirit practices for wellbeing, including Tai Chi and Pal Dan Gum, to awaken you to your own source of strength and wisdom. Runs from Monday 4 October, 12pm to 1pm. Find out more about the Capacitor Tai Chi workshops.
  • Yoga workshops – this five-week programme will introduce you to a variety of postures in a vinyasa flow style. This practice focuses on synchronising the breath with the continuous flow of movement, building both strength and flexibility. Yoga workshops take place in the Salle at the Pleasance Gym. They start in the first week of October and various days and times are available. Find out more about the Yoga workshops.
  • Prehabilitation for Runners workshop – this is a four-week workshop, delivered by an experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapist. The course specialises in the prevention of running related injuries. It is suitable for new and returning runners and anyone who would like to learn more about techniques to reduce their likelihood of injury. This workshop starts Tuesday 26 October from 5pm to 6pm. Find out more about the Prehabilitation for Runners workshop.
Members of the University community taking part in a Health Walk.

Already underway:

  • Learn to Lift Workshop – learn how to squat, bench press, deadlift, row and press with the correct technique during this five-week workshop. Weight training can help increase strength and confidence. The current workshop is on Wednesdays from 6:30pm to 8pm. Find out more about the Learn to Lift workshop.
  • Outdoor Bootcamps at Peffermill and Easter Bush – enjoy the fresh air and sign up to a one-of-a-kind workout. The bootcamps are a fun mixture of circuit training, HIIT, sport style drills and bodyweight exercises. They run for five weeks with two sessions a week on Tuesdays from 6pm to 7pm at Peffermill and Mondays at Easter Bush. Find out more about the Bootcamps.
  • Health Walks – free health walks for all, to help boost your mood. These walks are an opportunity to improve your general fitness, make new friends and enjoy some headspace in the fresh air. Walks are currently available in the Central Area on Wednesdays. Find out more about the health walks.


If you’re considering becoming a member, Sport & Exercise offer Welcome Walk Rounds of the Pleasance Sports Complex and Gym, allowing you to tour the facilities and find out what’s on offer before you commit. Welcome Walk Rounds are available on Wednesdays at either 2pm or 3pm. Book a Welcome Walk Round.

The Keep Active SharePoint site includes further information and promotional materials about both the benefits of being more active and the opportunities on offer from Sport & Exercise. Visit the Keep Active SharePoint site.

Images: Andrew Perry