Need to know – 5 October

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Top updates from across the University.

1. New Covid-19 Hub

A Covid-19 Information Hub team is now in place. Working with Health & Safety they will manage reported positive cases and send out Inform and Advise letters as required.

To supplement the existing guidance on reporting of Covid-19 cases, Health & Safety have produced a short film to explain the process for colleagues to follow. Covid-19 reporting and recording SharePoint.


2. Planning assumptions for Semester 2

Although still in the early days of Semester 1, planning decisions for Semester 2 are now underway. Semester 2 will still be delivered in a hybrid manner but modifications will be made in line with the Scottish Government operating guidance for the sector to allow for more on-campus teaching. As a result, the Timetabling Unit has developed more detailed guidance and timelines, which are now available. Semester 2 timetabling planning assumptions SharePoint.


3. Reward Process Timetable

The Reward Process Timetable has been updated for 2021/22 and is now live on the HR website. The reward processes detailed in this document include new policies for grading (for new jobs or vacant positions which have substantially changed), regrading (Professional Services roles), and academic promotions. Reward Timetable.