Learning & Teaching Conference 2021

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The University’s fourth annual Learning & Teaching Conference, which took place in June, focused on Curriculum as a site for transformation.

The conference brought together more than 870 staff and students from across the University and, for the first time, from universities around the world, to celebrate, share and learn from teaching and learning practice.

Keynote presentations were given by Professor Kerri-Lee Krause, from Avondale University College, Australia, on Curriculum considerations in super-complex times, and by Professor Rowena Arshad, from the University’s Moray House School of Education and Sport, on Diversity in learning and teaching: is inclusion truly available?

Panel discussions looked at significant shifts in thinking that have taken place over the last year; shared innovations in teaching practice showcased in the University’s Teaching Matters blogs and podcasts; and introduced the Curriculum Transformation Programme.

More than 100 presentations, workshops, panels, posters and asynchronous sessions from colleagues across the University focused on the themes:

  • Assessment and feedback for the future;
  • Innovation in science teaching;
  • New lessons in digital teaching – insights from hybrid and online learning;
  • Building community;
  • Interdisciplinary learning and teaching – local and global challenges;
  • Equality, diversity, inclusion and social justice;
  • Experiential, place-based and problem-based learning; and
  • Student engagement and involvement.

Recordings from the conference are now available, along with posters and asynchronous sessions and further resources on the Learning & Teaching Conference web pages.

In addition, blogs and podcasts from the conference are featured on Teaching Matters.

Conference content relevant to curriculum transformation is available on the Curriculum Transformation Programme hub.

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