Abundant Academy – Replenish

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After a very successful launch last year, the Chaplaincy’s Abundant Academy courses will start running again this semester.

The courses are open to all staff. They are designed to help you form habits that encourage a move away from overwhelm and freneticism, to refreshed and thoughtful momentum. The programme is the result of many years work and collaboration with the University community and beyond on bringing compassion into the structures and ethos of higher education.

Replenish is the first of the core Abundant Academy programmes run by Revd Dr Harriet Harris. Due to its popularity in 2020, two separate sessions are available this year, on Thursday and Friday afternoons. During the two-hour sessions, participants will be invited to explore ideas around disempowering behaviour, harnessing empowering archetypes, and look at practical methods for combatting feelings of overwhelm.

Additional resources and courses are also available to participants as part of the Library of Abundance, curated by the Chaplaincy team. This draws on their expertise across mentoring, coaching, mindfulness, spiritual direction and more.

“Abundant Academy is time very well spent, for it actually gives you more time, not less. It helps you focus on your values, so that you find yourself concentrating on those things that energise you and that are meaningful to you, discarding what is trivial and unimportant.” – Professor Pauline Phemister, Professor of the History of Philosophy

The Replenish courses are made up of five, fortnightly sessions. These will run 2pm-4pm on Thursdays, from 7 October to 2 December 2021 or 10am-12pm on Fridays, from 8 October to 3 December 2021.

The Chaplaincy collect a donation for the core programme but employers are often willing to cover this cost as part of staff development. If relevant to you, check with your line manager. The staff rate for the Replenish course is £75.

You can find out more about the courses and book onto the programme on the Abundant Academy website.

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