The Sustainability Awards 2021 winners

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The Sustainability Awards offer an opportunity for staff and students to make a difference and contribute towards the University becoming more socially responsible and sustainable.

As you can imagine, the Annual Sustainability Awards Celebration looked a little different this year. Despite the lockdown, the online event incorporated a range of elements such as music, poetry, videos and live contributions that provided an opportunity to share and celebrate experiences of implementing sustainability initiatives.

Changemaker Awards

The SRS Changemaker Award recognises individual staff and students who have brought noticeable positive change to the University and its community either by undertaking a successful socially responsible or sustainable project or by inspiring others to act in a more socially responsible and sustainable way.

Submissions that demonstrated a measurable positive impact, that have shared or communicated their actions to others and that align with the University’s Social and Civic Responsibility Plan and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals were more likely be successful.

Katie Nicoll Baines, Rob Court and Siobhan Carroll

Exceptional support given to the Staff Pride Network (Katie Nicoll Baines and Rob Court).

Exceptional support given to the Staff Pride Network and Disabled Staff Network (Siobhan Carroll).


ConveRACEions, a student project to discuss and dismantle barriers to racial equality as well as ways of moving forward.

Laura Higham

Founding VetSustain, a network dedicated to supporting veterinary professionals and vet-led teams to be a leading force for sustainability.

Linda Initiative

The Linda Initiative, a student-led Kenyan-based initiative that provides sexual and reproductive health information to young people.

Jonathan Long, Kristin Mason and Frances Ryan

Working collaboratively to ensure the University achieved a Silver accreditation in the Hedgehog Friendly Campus campaign.

Therese Ribeiro

Educating students and influencing policy to reduce meat consumption on campus and promote the benefits of plant-based foods.

Kirsteen Shields

Co-ordinating volunteers to help local charities Cyrenians and FairShare provide emergency food deliveries during the Covid-19 crisis.

Six Degrees Edinburgh

Successfully delivering multiple projects in the Edinburgh branch of this impressive think-tank started by Oxford students to provide governments, corporates and NGOs with innovative, sustainable solutions.

Professor Devi Sridhar

Science communication in media during the Covid-19 crisis.

Highly commended Changemakers

  • Ruthanne Baxter and Laura Beattie: Enriching local lives with the University’s collections
  • Berta Beloviczky: Establishing a tree planting initiative at the Easter Bush campus
  • Conscious Change: Sustainable lifestyle workshops, blog posts and social media campaigns
  • Annie Lovett: Working with the local community
  • Odara Medagedar, with the help of the rest of the Edinburgh University Plant Society Committee: Edinburgh University Plant Society: encouraging students to grow their own food
  • Pawel Orzechowski: Supporting Community Grant applicants and demonstrating leadership through volunteering
  • Max Phillips: Science communication work at the Applied Negative Emissions Centre (ANEC)
  • ChenChen Zha: Creating an Online Sustainable Development Hub to support clean water provision and access in Zimbabwe

Working from Home Award recipients

The Working from Home Awards are designed to support the sustainability journey of staff and students, wherever they are working.

The College of Arts Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Alice Cheng
  • Anna Galchenko
  • Alasdair Gillon
  • Kat Zabecka

The College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine

  • Kelly Douglas
  • Julie Gordon
  • Laura Higham
  • Kirsty Hughes
  • Florance Kennedy
  • Lisa Ketchion
  • Donna Lumsden
  • Carolyne Ross
  • Julie Wallace

The College of Science & Engineering

  • Louise Bishop
  • Hannah Lemon

The University Secretary’s Group

  • Inga Ackermann
  • Ada Blair
  • Claire Friend
  • Nicola Helliwell
  • Euan McCulloch
  • Carol Powers
  • Victoria Rowntree

Scottish Student Support

  • Jess Barrows
  • Leah Davidson
  • Stew Fowlie
  • Sarah Gandon
  • Totty Horn
  • Ian Lowe
  • Eilidh Paterson
  • Chris Purdie
  • Neil Rankin
  • Megan Richardson
  • Gavin Rittoo

Student Residence Awards

The Student Residence Awards allow students to work with their neighbours and Resident Assistant to transform their residence into a shining example of social responsibility and sustainability.

Murano House achieved a Bronze Award for the Student Residence category.

Office and Lab Awards – still accredited

The validity for all Office and Lab Awards teams was extended this year due to the exceptional circumstances. Everyone listed in the pages below who achieved their awards in 2018/19 and 2019/20 continue to be accredited.

List of continuing Office Awards

List of continuing Lab Awards