New Fellows for the Royal Society of Edinburgh

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The Royal Society of Edinburgh has selected 19 of the University’s academics to join its prestigious group of fellows. This year, the focus was on those who have had a positive impact during the Covid-19 crisis, through academic research, their support of the arts or for playing a key role in communications around the pandemic.The Old College Quad is empty under a blue sky

Congratulations to all those appointed.

Professor Helen Bond – Chair of Christian Origins and Head of the School of Divinity

Professor Holly Branigan – Professor of Psychology of Language and Cognition

Professor Michael Eddleston – Professor of Clinical Toxicology

Professor Andrew Horne – Professor of Gynaecology and Reproductive Sciences

Professor Alison Hulme – Professor of Synthesis and Chemical Biology

Professor Alvin Jackson HonMRIA – Richard Lodge Professor of History

Professor Aggelos Kiayias – Chair in Cyber Security and Privacy

Professor Lesley McAra CBE – Chair of Penology, Assistant Principal Community Relations and Director of the Edinburgh Futures Institute

Professor Nicola McEwen – Professor of Territorial Politics and Co-Director of the Centre on Constitutional Change

Professor Andrew McIntosh – Professor of Biological Psychiatry and Head of Division of Psychiatry

Professor Ross McLure – Professor of Extragalactic Astrophysics

Professor Peter Mathieson FMedSci – Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University

Professor Richard Mellanby – Professor of Comparative Medicine

Professor Alexander Murphy – Chair of Nuclear and Particle Astrophysics

Professor E. Elizabeth Patton – Personal Chair of Chemical Genetics and MRC Investigator

Professor Eleanor Riley FMedSci – Professor of Immunology and Infectious Disease

Professor Devi Sridhar – Chair in Global Public Health and Director, Global Health Governance Programme

Professor Christopher Williams – Chair of Machine Learning

Professor James F Wilson – Personal Chair in Human Genetics