Further updates to HR policies

Reading time: < 1 minute

Over the last year or so, the University has refreshed some of its HR policies to make sure they’re clear and up to date.

The disciplinary, grievance and capability policies are the latest to be refreshed, as well as our employment-related appeals procedure.

All of them are now written in a more accessible, consistent style so they are easy for everyone to understand.

As always, the focus is on resolving grievances informally and in a timely way. With this in mind, there’s now a three-month window for raising a grievance and in addition there is now a form for doing so.

All three policies now incorporate an appeals procedure and the employment-related appeals procedure has been amended to reflect this.

You can read the policies on the staff HR policies web page. My Knowledge, People and Money’s bank of guidance, has also been updated.

You can find out more on the staff news website.