Celebrating our colleagues – 2 March

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Each fortnight bulletin highlights and celebrates the latest prizes awarded to our fellow staff members. Congratulations to all involved.

Professor Loeske Kruuk, has been awarded a Royal Society Research Professorship and will be returning to the School of Biological Sciences later in 2021. The Professorship is the Royal Society’s premier research award and Professor Kruuk is one of seven scientists to receive it this year.

Professor Kruuk moved from the University of Edinburgh in 2012 to the Australian National University in Canberra.

In February Moray House School of Education and Sport celebrated its 60th anniversary of teaching Community Education. To mark the occasion, the School hosted a virtual event featuring talks from Richard Lochhead, Minister for Further Education, Higher Education and Science, Professor Richard Andrews and Dr Marion Allison.

Please get in touch with us to let us know about any awards you or your colleagues have received. You can email us at bulletin@ed.ac.uk.