Need to know – 4 November

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Here are the top updates from the Adaptation & Renewal teams working across the University.

1. Update from Sarah Smith

Last week Sarah Smith, Vice-Principal Strategic Change and Governance and University Secretary, gave an update on how we can continue to deliver the commitments of Strategy 2030 in this shifting landscape. She shared more information about the work of the Reshaping teams so far and the plans for the coming months. All staff email: Strategy 2030 update: reshaping the University

2. Freedom of Expression

The University Executive approved a statement on Freedom of Expression in September 2020. Following the Report of the Joint Committee on Human Rights on the state of free speech in UK universities, the Equalities and Human Rights Commission Scotland, produced a new ‘Freedom of Expression’ Guide for the sector as a whole.

The University of Edinburgh’s Freedom of Expression statement draws upon the broader document to provide a statement of the principles that inform and guide the University’s approach to the promotion and protection of freedom of expression and academic freedom. This statement will be reviewed on an annual basis. University of Edinburgh’s Freedom of Expression statement

3. Town Hall sessions for students

Students in University accommodation attended two Town Hall question and answer sessions last week, to talk about the University’s expectations of our community during the pandemic and to hear from one of our academic experts in coronaviruses, Christine Tait-Burkard. The sessions featured a talk from Police Scotland as well as an update from Andy Shanks, Director of Student Wellbeing, who shared more information on the support available for students during the pandemic.

4. People and Money launching

The HR part of People and Money, our new HR and finance system, launches on 11 November. People and Money will replace multiple outdated systems with streamlined processes backed up by a single, smart system accessible through MyEd. You can find more information, including guides and demos, at