Instantly boost your mood

Reading time: 2 minutes
We have been in lockdown for a long time. Even though things are starting to ease up here in the UK, that doesn’t mean we’ll instantly be going back to our old routines. In fact, you might find it a bit tricker to navigate this new normal.

It’s likely that most of us will find it hard to be positive all the time, so here are three quick ways you can instantly boost your mood.

  1. Get moving – It’s safe to say most of us are more sedentary than ever, and while this isn’t something to feel guilty about, just making time to get up off your chair or sofa and move your body, can make a world of difference. Even if it’s a few stretches, give it a try next time you feel that 4pm slump coming on.
  2. Get outside – Not always easy in a Scottish summertime, but fresh air can really help to clear your mind. Going for a run, cycle or even a short walk can do wonders for your mood. If you can’t get outside, try opening as many windows as possible to get a flow of air around the room.
  3. Get connected – It’s incredible easy to feel isolated right now, even as we slowly move out of lockdown. Reach out to your friends and family to talk about how you’re feeling. It’s likely they feel the same way and you can chat, and overcome it together.

What cheers you up when you feel a bit low? If you have any more tips, drop us an email at

Photography: Sam Sills