Connect with your colleagues: Spotify playlists

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Now we’re coming up on our seventh week working from home, commuting to the office seems like a very long time ago.

A woman sits on her sofa with headphones on at her laptop.

Working in isolation can be really tough on your mental health and wellbeing so we wanted to start sharing ways you can reach out and connect with your colleagues without it centring around work.

First up, if you want to start small, why not create a team playlist on Spotify (thanks to Guy Atkinson in Communications and Marketing for the suggestion). You can have a different theme each week and ask your colleagues to contribute one or two songs each around that theme. If members of your team don’t have Spotify accounts, ask them to email someone who does who can add the songs they choose.

How have you been connecting with your colleagues during this time? Let us know in the comments or drop us an email at

Photography: Douglas Robertson