Podcast: Let’s Talk – Life in Lockdown

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Harriet Harris, University Chaplain, brings us another season of her captivating podcast Let’s Talk, in partnership with the Students’ Association.

As the name suggests, this series focuses on life in lockdown. Although our days have changed in so many ways, the University continues to operate, with staff and students working and studying from home in isolation from each other. We are all in this together, but in vastly diverse circumstances, and it is interesting to hear from one another about our differing situations.

A deserted George Square
A deserted George Square

Each week, Harriet is joined by members of the University community who share what they are doing in the lockdown. The conversations explore how it feels to be fast-tracked into medical practice; to support NHS staff with childcare; to return to a ‘silent’ household with profoundly deaf parents; to meet the sudden imperative to deliver all teaching online; to be in Edinburgh with family abroad; to be abroad with family in the UK; to experience Covid-19 in the household; and more.

Each interview also explores how social distancing and self-isolation are affecting us: what are the challenges for us, and what are the new discoveries, what are we leaning about our mental health and wellbeing, and what is happening for us that might never have happened otherwise?

Above all each conversation whether with students or staff, has been open, thoughtful, and reflective, and we’ve learned a lot together.

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Photography: Chris Close