Short course in focus: Data Ethics, AI and Responsible Innovation

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It’s fair to say that one of the biggest buzzwords emerging from the past few years is data.

With rapidly emerging technologies across all aspects of life it’s easy to see how the use of these products has quickly become the norm. But stopping to think about the ethics of this new way of life can sometimes seem like an afterthought.

A side view of a woman's face overlayed with an illustration of a brain and in a sphere of lines to illustrate data.

Experts across the University have come together to develop a new online course to introduce and examine the social, legal, political and ethical issues around data-driven innovation. Hosted by the Bayes Centre this eight-week course uses real-life controversies to help understand the issues and challenges posed in a world driven by technology. By understanding modern challenges, we can better criticise and design intelligent systems that fit into our changing world.

The next course will begin on 27 April. To find out more information, or enrol, visit the course website.