PAWsome pals

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We’ve gone through a lot of changes to our working lives recently. We’ve now got a whole new routine, new (and often makeshift) desks, and in some cases, new colleagues to contend with. As April brings the start of National Pet Month, we’ve asked the Communications and Marketing team to share how they’re managing to train up their furry friends.
Two cats, one asleep and the other grooming it.
Peaky and Oscar don’t have time to fit work into their vigorous cleaning schedule.
A dog on his bed.
Branston enjoys showing off his new lanyard.
A cat sits in front of a computer.
Mog says: “Time to look at me for a change instead of that screen.”
A little dog in his bed.
Max wants to know if he can work from his bed.
A dog lies on a bench.
Penny’s favourite things are food, walks and tummy tickles, in that order.
A cat stands in front of a laptop.
Panther just has one last email to send before dinnertime.

How are your pets getting on with working life? Let us know! Send your pictures to